Are Your Kids Finding Studying a Pain?

As we head towards the final part of the school year, our school kids are studying for school exams and carting ever increasing amounts of text books home. Unfortunately for a lot of kids, the long hours spent hunched over the books results in neck pain, back pain and headaches.  Sitting puts a lot of strain on the spine, especially when combined with the flexed postures often seen when using a computer or reading for prolonged periods.  Despite the need to study, there are ways to minimise the strain on the spine and prevent the pain and headaches from occurring.

Firstly, having a good posture and desk set-up for studying are essential.  Make sure that you are sitting with your bottom as far back in the chair as possible and if your lower back is sore, place a small cushion in the curve of your lower back to support it.  If your feet cannot touch the ground, get a small stool to place them on.  If you have an adjustable chair, ensure that the height of the chair allows you to look at your computer screen without looking up or down too far.  When reading textbooks, use a book support or place them on a cushion, bringing them closer to your eyes and requiring less forward bending of the neck and rounding of the shoulders.

Secondly, taking mini breaks every 30-60 minutes allows some relaxation and stretching of the muscles which become tight when studying.  Make sure you stand up, walk around and stretch the neck and back muscles.  These short breaks will allow you to continue to study for longer with less pain.  In addition to mini breaks, ensuring that you get regular exercise is important for numerous factors.  Exercise has many positive effects including keeping your muscles strong and flexible, improving your concentration and memory, as well as improving your sleep quality.  Despite these positive effects, many people stop exercising when they are studying due to time constraints.  As you can see though, a small time sacrifice for exercise will be outweighed by the benefits.

If you are suffering with neck or back pain from studying, get some assistance as soon as possible so that you are not sitting through exams in pain.  Seek assistance from your local qualified health professional. Hinteractive Physio has experienced therapists who can assess and treat the cause of your pain as well as offering a youth Yogalates class which combines yoga and pilates to improve posture, flexibility and strength. Hinteractive Physio can be contacted on 5442 5556 or visit our website:

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