Hinteractive Physio provides a high quality, personalised physiotherapy and pilates service to residents of Cooroy and surrounding areas.

We Have a Special Interest In The Following Areas:


Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries come in many forms but all have common needs. Physiotherapy plays an integral part in the multi-disciplinary approach to the management of sports injuries. The aim of physiotherapy is to treat and fully rehabilitate the athlete post-injury, post-operatively, to prevent further injury and to return the athlete to sport in the shortest possible time.  Sports physiotherapists are also trained to evaluate biomechanics, technique and muscle imbalances to prevent initial or future injury. Our therapists will ensure that we address all issues to do with your injury and have you back playing as soon as possible.

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Musculoskeletal Physio

This is the term given to treatment of any condition relating to the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments of the body.  Whether it be tennis elbow, neck pain, headache, back pain or a sprained ankle, our physiotherapists can get you moving again.  We utilise a variety of techniques in our treatments including soft tissue releases, joint mobilisation, joint manipulation, ultrasound, laser, taping, dry needling and targeted  exercise to restore normal movement and alignment while reducing pain.  Our therapists are all extremely experienced, hands on practitioners who are continually striving to improve their knowledge and skills to further assist you as our client.

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Post Operative Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists are highly skilled at ensuring you have a speedy recovery and positive outcome from orthopaedic surgery.  We will assist you in your recovery after surgery including swelling reduction, improved range of movement, restoration of muscle strength and control and restoration of functional and optimal movement patterns.  If you have had lower limb surgery, it is essential that your gait pattern is restored to normal as soon as possible to avoid putting strain on joints above or below the surgical site.  If you are having orthopaedic surgery, our therapists can also tailor a pre-operative program to your needs.  This will allow you to speed up your recovery post operatively.

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Women’s Health

Principal physiotherapist Rebecca Steele has a special interest in Women’s Health and has participated in many courses to allow her to adequately assess and treat women for issues including incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, urgency and urge incontinence and pre and post natal issues.  Although many women are embarrassed about these conditions, often treatment is highly effective and minimally invasive.  The sooner that action is taken to deal with these conditions, the easier they are to manage.  If you have been suffering silently, please call and organise to see Rebecca.

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Pilates and Exercise Classes

Both mat pilates and equipment pilates (reformer) classes are offered at Hinteractive Physio.  Our Physiotherapists  have undergone extensive training in pilates and combine this training with their physiotherapy knowledge and skill to offer a clinically effective exercise program.

Rebecca Steele also offers Ladies Safe Strength Classes.  These are designed for women who need to progress their pelvic floor training to a higher level or for women who simply want a strengthening session that avoid exercises that are more likely to be harmful for the pelvic floor and pelvic organs.

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