What is Yin Yoga?

Blog by Physiotherapist Simone Bifulco

Most forms of Yoga today are dynamic and very active in their practice, designed to work more on the muscular part of the body.  Yin Yoga is opposite to this.  Yin Yoga works on another deeper layer of our soft tissues called fascia.  It is a gentle but very powerful practice that works deeper into the fascial network system of our bodies.  Yang is everything that moves and is symbolized by fire and sun.  Yin is the slow, the calm energy, the water, the moon.  Everybody has the Yin and Yang energy Chi within themselves.  The Yin Yoga practice consists of specific poses that are held in stillness for between 3 and 5 minutes to promote an elongation of the fascia being worked on in those poses and activating the energy chi to flow in those areas as well.  Yin Yoga goes beyond a physical workout and helps us to balance out energetically, emotionally and mentally.

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