Keep Your Body Merry This Festive Season

Well Christmas is nearly here, yet again. As physio’s, we often seen a great deal of people who either injure themselves over the festive season, or who find that their aches and pains increase over this period. So, why is that you ask? Well there are probably a number of reasons.

Firstly, we all tend to take a break from our regular exercise routines, and over indulge in some Christmas cheer. Regular exercise is essential for maintaining muscle strength, co-ordination and joint mobility. It takes a long time to improve muscle strength, but only a short period of rest to undo all of that good work. Without regular exercise, the receptors in our joints that send feedback to the brain don’t function as well as they should. This can increase the likelihood of an injury while sending some fast ones down the pitch in backyard cricket, or while hurtling down the ‘slip and slide’.

Alcohol is another major contributor to festive season injuries. Most people are aware of the balance effects of alcohol, so it is easy to see how it leads to increased falls and ligament damage. Ladies tottering around on high heels at Christmas parties are at a significantly higher risk of hurting an ankle or knee, especially if consuming alcohol. So ladies, no dancing in soaring high heels after a few champers’ at the Christmas party! At least take off the heels!

Overnight visits to relatives houses often involve sleeping in a strange bed, on a strange mattress and pillow. This often results in a wry neck upon waking, which is certainly not what you want during the Christmas break. Remember to take you own pillow when possible, and stretch your neck and back regularly to avoid muscle tightness.
So there you have it! Keep active, limit the alcohol (especially while wearing those killer heels) and stretch regularly to avoid a painful Christmas break. If you do happen to injure yourself this holiday period, seek help straight away. The sooner your injuries are attended to, the quicker you will be back to the holiday fun.

Craig and Rebecca Steele operate Hinteractive Physio and can be contacted on 5442 5556.

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